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Here is a brief list of some of the objectives which have been achieved in recent years:

  • Establish the Haiti School of Biblical Studies, a four year intensive Bible program taught by veteran Haitian ministers and state-side College Instructors.
  • Construction of the “Harry’s Home” orphanage completed. Built on nearly an acre and made up of three buildings and a pavilion Harry’s can provide a home, education, nurturing, and discipleship to 36 children who otherwise might be living on the streets, or not living at all.
  • Since a full complement of children and the house parents began moving in the autumn of 2019 there have been “family celebrations” like birthday parties for kids who have never had one, baptisms, Sunday dinners, and even soccer games


Hunger among Haiti’s children is a debilitating and never ending problem. The children in Harry’s Home are well fed. This is was uniformly the case for all of the 400+ students of the Bonnettee Elementary School. The children in the school, who are among the more fortunate of Haiti’s children. But there was a bench outside the principal’s office where children who had not eaten for two days, “the hunger bench,” would sit until someone on the staff could get them something to eat. Liberté Ministries has eliminated “the hunger bench,” at least for these kids by providing one hearty meal for each of these children each day, Monday through Friday. We ensure that they “get a lot,” often enough to share with a brother or sister.

Acquired Control

  • We acquired control of a second plot (about one half acre) of land in the neighborhood. When fully operational this compound will house a guest house for mission teams and a fully operational medical clinic. We have provided access to medical care for “Harry’s Kids.” When restored and fully staffed this community clinic will provide the only medical care within a 45 minute drive.
  • We have established Wi-Fi Internet access for the Haiti School of Biblical Studies (HSBS) to support Distance Learning capability in classrooms. This capability will enable Liberté Ministries to bring world class Biblical instruction to Haiti in real time and ultimately provide access to the world’s best study libraries and other educational assets.


  • We finished the Croix des Bouquets Church of Christ building, giving that congregation of about 120 souls their first wholly owned meeting place.
  • One of the key principles taught at is GO and make disciples. As a result a number of small congregations have been planted in the rural hills west of Port au Prince. Some young Gospel preachers would walk three or four hours to teach and preach in isolated villages. This year Liberté Ministries has been able to provide two motorcycles to reach these remote locations. Motorcycles are not only economically operated but they can keep going when the road ends.
  • We organized and launched a “Ladies Sewing Cooperative,” providing an important source of family income to Christian ladies in the churches we work with on an ongoing basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liberté Minsitries is overseen by Petersville Church of Christ and a board of directors.

We are currently focusing on Haiti only, but may expand in the future.

Typically, short-term mission trips last roughly 1 week, including travel time.